Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ain't No Figure Silicone Ken Doll

I guess my stomach has taken the limelight for this Chinese New Year. Everyone was so excited to see it and even touched it. My body transformation has been bountiful indeed. Thought of running while I'm in Ipoh during this Chinese New Year to burn some fat but it never happened. Instead, I had all these food below - I can't help it, it's Chinese New Year.

Homemade Bah Kut Teh

Homemade Yellow Glutinous Rice with Curry Chicken

Arrowhead chips - must have!

31 flavours to quench thirst 

The Bomb! Mom-made petai sambal with prawns

Custom-made cookies

No-so-healthy reunion luncheon

Ended up like Maggie Simpson

Really, I put a lot of weight so it is a need and is a must to lose it or even firm up a bit.

Talking about that, there was a dude in my Facebook who was confused of what he would do after getting a muscular body - his answer to himself was 'seduce people'.

Come on, really?

You see, having fit body doesn't mean anything.

Yes, you will have all the eyes on you but if you don't have the brain to carry yourself well, it doesn't fit the whole package or in short, you're just a shrimp (got body without any brain). Yes, definitely you have the surge of admirers who want to be with you but how true are they? I bet they are blinded by the physique without any regards to sincerity or just  plainly  they want to have sex with you. What if you are out of shape, will he still love you like he previously did? Or he will find someone who has a better figure to replace you since most of people in this community are just go for the look.

I always have this belief that heading to gym to obtain an hourglass body is solely in the name of health - it's not for commodity purposes.

I follow this local artiste, yeah he has a nice body and he always strip it off in his Facebook. So the question here is whether his body is the commodity/asset to gain popularity or his talent? What if his nice lean body disappear? Will he outshine himself by his talent? Aside of his body, I don't see any talent in him.

I'm quite surprised that he could go all out showing his belly button and knee-down since his religion forbidden it. Aside from this artiste, there's a gym instructor in my Facebook even worse. His postings are always with his underwear as if he is too broke to buy a decent shirt and a decent pant and he even got piercing in his nipple. Come on, though I don't practice that religion but I know piercing is a big no. Are they too unaware about the religion or the authority which upholds the sanctity of that religion is too lenient?

 But too bad,  nice and sexy body still rule the world in this sick gay community. If you are fat or super skinny, you are not even welcomed here. This is how shallow we are. Nevertheless, always remember this, you judge people, people can judge you back, we were born for a purpose and the purpose is not fit in people's eyes and gain acceptance but being who you are.

P/S: I'm so happy that Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for Best Actor. He is amazing in Theory of Everything!
P/SS: Something big going on this weekend <3

Since it's still CNY, here's a song for you from my favourite comedian, Sandra Ng!

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