Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Old Fag to Be

Don't you feel a little bit heartache when you see your parents are getting older each and single day. I still could recall the days when my mom was young and pretty during my childhood. But now, not turning to white hair just yet but she already has wrinkles. However, in another perspective, I should be glad that she is living in a carefree life now, she's practically enjoying about her life back in my hometown.

Even I also could not escape from the ravage of time. I made a quick look on my profile pictures in my Facebook. I used to look skinny, boyish with a little bit of cuteness. And now, my skin complexion is nowhere near perfect anymore, my face is getting rounder and I've got tummy!

Does it mean I'm not attractive anymore as I age? Will I end up to be a big fat uncle loitering at kopitiam and talks about politics?

Well, I could  end up to be an old fat faggot but they are also plenty of men out there who look really good as they age such as (I hope i could look like them when i hit 30s)....

Ashton Kutcher
Chris Evans

Justin Timberlake

But who am i kidding? I'm just plain old Alvin and I'm not that attractive as well. Maybe i should live a more reclusive life and shun away from the people's eyes so they won't see me how I get old. Just like an old wizard living in the woods.

I know time will take me to a lot of places with defining moments. Changes are inevitable through this passage of time. Strangers and friends will come and go throughout the time, but of all these strangers and friends, there is no one compares with my baby boo. Though I know I'll never lose affection for friends and things that went before but in my life I love him more.

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