Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Kinda Wedding

Peer pressure hits again.

A close friend of mine told me that she would be getting married this fall and I'm gonna be her 'bridesmaid'. I thought she was joking all the time but never thought she was serious about it. In fact, another close friend of mine also will be getting get married this summer. And I'm suspecting the red invitations are more to come especially from high school friends.

Well, alright they are settling down and leave me alone and lonely. If the law permits, you think I don't want to get married? Okay, assuming that gay marriage is allowed here, I don't want my wedding to be typical Chinese wedding with all those ýum sing' toast and chaperon taking the spotlight all the time. Don't judge me - I'm proud to be Chinese but not for wedding.

What about walking the aisle at cathedral like Jay Chou did?

It is every one's fairy tale to walk down the aisle at a cathedral with Prince Charming. It is really romantic but not for me since it's rather too holy.

Personally for me, I would prefer something simple but pleasant, not too pompous but serene, not too grand but something natural - just like below:

Oh my god, Edward looks so pale. Someone call the doctor. Oh wait, he's a vampire. I know I'm sucker for Twilight Saga but Edward and Bella wedding is what I really want. Okay, since there are no vampires on this very Earth, just forget it.

What I really want for my wedding is:

To take wedding photos here:

And here:

To hold my reception here (in Malaysia)

With lots of flowers - only this kind:

With the sky in orange:

Though it looks simple but i know it will never happen since forbidden by the law and society which I'm living in. Rainbow perfectly epitomizes gay people, it looks colourful but it's just an illusion. Gay folks are always trying to reach the rainbow but they will never achieve it.

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