Monday, January 26, 2015

22 Again

It was indeed the Party of The Century when the media and socialites congregated at Empire City for my birthday. Nah, i don't have the fame and fortune to throw a huge birthday party.

But it was a night of frenzy and glamour at Empire City on my birthday. Apparently, there was a preview of Empire City, the 30 acre of mixed development of an ultimate spot for  dining, meeting, shopping and relaxing. Even Paris Hilton herself attended this preview to enliven the party.

For my birthday wise, it wasn't that extravagant - just a simple dinner with ex-colleagues and friends and it was all that matter.

Maybe because I'm aging, birthday to me is just a reminder that I'm another year older. Compared to those good old days like 18th and 21st birthday, I was pretty happy back then for every 23rd Jan. There's a saying goes "A year older, a year wiser" - I don't see any point in my life is getting wiser. Maybe I set my bar too high for myself that's why I rarely got any self-satisfaction.

Anyhoo, special thanks to my bosses, colleagues, ex-colleagues, my boo and my friends who made my 22nd birthday so memorable. You guys are great!
Look at my wrinkled hands
Sweet 22 at Inside Scoop

Birthday dinner at Subak. It was one of the secluded and most quiet restaurant I ever been. It was literally located in the middle of the hill/jungle in Kampung Penchala

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