Sunday, January 11, 2015

Change Ahead

"Don't you ever wish you were someone else....something something...and I hope you always stay the same coz there's nothing about you I would change"

Gosh, this song was first aired like 15 years ago - how time flies. As the song encourages us to stay the same but ask yourself how hard it could be to stay the same? Sometimes the phrase 'stay the same does not bring any positive connotation.

Well of course, from the day of this song was first aired until now, I changed a lot. Aside from my physical appearance in which I grew a bit taller and a bit horizontal, I guess I'm not happy-go-lucky anymore. The world for me is like a  fading sun ray in the middle of cloudy day. Peer pressure does hit me sometimes and sometimes the jealously turns me into green-eyed monster. Well, if the jealously hits so tremendously, I need to tell myself and repeat it to myself that I'm just wasting my time. Sometimes, I'm ahead and sometimes I'm behind. The race is long and in the end, it's only me that matters.

Inevitably, people around us could not stay the same either - they change. I'm not God so I can't control or dictate how people evolve. Though people come and go throughout my life but I still could recall most of them. Some have gone and some remain. Some irritated me and some whom I discovered they are bunch of good people. But who am I to judge people around me since I don't have the wisdom to do so. But it's indeed sad and annoyed that when you realized that people whom you cherish so much do not reciprocate the way it seems. Gratitude is hardly come by which is given but simple gesture of acknowledgement is all I ask for.

P/S: Though it's just short-span of one year or more of knowing you guys but I really thankful that my bitches are planning for my birthday's eve! I hope they are really planning or else....

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