Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Generic New Year's Resolutions

I was driving slow on Sunday morning and there was this radio DJ gave top five of the most generic New Year's resolutions and there were; slimming down, travelling abroad, promotion/increment, to engage in a relationship and I forgot the remaining.

But anyway, I guess you and me share the same generic resolutions above but we hardly keep it to ourselves or resilient enough to make it happen or we totally forgot of what promises we made on first day of the year.

Come to think of it, I already materialized two of the mentioned resolutions. Yes, I'm in a relationship. And today, I'm very delighted to share with you that I started my new job with a new title. So yeah, I pretty much nailed two of the generic resolutions.

So what's left? Let's see. Oh yeah, slimming down. As contrary to what people think of me recently, I'm not fat. You see, when you were a kid, you grew horizontally but when your teenage days are over, you just grow vertically. Yeah, I'm still growing.

Alright, alright ...I admit it. I put on weight like a flat tyre just got inflation. However, never a second that I look down on my physique nor I got jealous when my Facebook is filled with those faggots who are so poor who could not afford to buy a shirt so they post their body pictures to seek attention so people could buy shirts for them (disclaimer: not attacking my beloved close friends, models, professional shots and you just so happened at the beach/swimming pool). My physique is not dictated by how people view me nor the number of likes for my pictures in FB or Instagram. I feel sorry for those who caught up in the peer pressure that being gay is to have nice body. Day in and day out go to gym, drink this and drink that and brandishing their bodies just to have a fit body to fit into this cycle.

Seriously, I always have this vision that someone who being a gay is happy and have outstanding intelligence like Tim Cook. |But sadly, the pool is polluted with a bunch of shrimps (got body but no brain).Honey, just put your shirt on ok?

Nevertheless, I'll slim down because I still need to fit into my adored shirts and pants and my mom told me so.

What else? Oh yeah, travelling. So I promised myself that I'll try to travel at least once a year which I have been doing for past four years.Though it was just close by but at least i had fun in different cities with different cultures. I'm not sure about this year but I shall dream big. Maybe pay a visit to Paddington bear or just Mickey Mouse again.

Actually I have other resolutions but the best is to be kept in silence.

It's late at night and I'm blogging this lonely New Year entry in my room. Let me share a video with you, a song by Sir Paul McCartney. Like this song goes, You were waiting this moment to arise, blackbird fly. 

Fly high and happy new year.

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