Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 You're History

YIt seems everyone will be making their respective New Year's resolution for new hope and new start in 2015. Unfortunately, some of them are too distraught and lost to make any sense of what New Year holds for them.

Thought we could head a new aspiration and new start in the final days of 2014 but the recent happenings has deterred us to achieve that. Sombre clouds are blanketing us once again with hundred thousand people were displaced in East coast and Northern Peninsular due to insurmountable flood. If that isn't worse enough, we received yet another heartbreaking news that  AirAsia QZ8501 had gone missing with 162 people aboard. 

2014 indeed has been a tough year for most of us especially for Malaysians. We lost two commercial planes within short span of four months. We lost a worthy opponent in the government. Our harmony was tested by the dumbfounded parties. And the natural disasters has unleash its full throttle in our soil - flood, landslide, draught and we even had tornado strikes for very first time.

Meanwhile, the international front didn't do any good this year either. We lost our beloved comedians. Israel assaulted Palestine without any mercy. The rise of ISIS caused crisis. We trembled as Ebola spread. Let JibJab reminisce some of the defining memories of 2014:

Likewise, it was a tough at first for me this year but it all went well eventually. I quit my job, I engaged in a relationship and I even had a trip with my mother after so many years.

Since it's the final day of 2014, don't be so depressed of what had happened in 2014. Let's embrace ourselves with hope and joy in these final hours of 2014. Like what Pharrel sings; Clap along 
if you know what happiness is to you!

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