Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Beaver

Well has been two weeks since my last entry.

Lots of thing happened for past two weeks and one of them was I've got married. Just joking.

What kept me busy was that I quit my job and currently having a month break before commencing to my new job in January.

Sounds fun eh? Well, it's fun for being bothered about work but I was and am still pretty occupied actually.

First of all, I shifted to a new place. Not to say a super duper new and better living environment but it's more spacious I would say. Trust me, shifting to a new place is a daunting task and really tiring. I lost the count on how many rounds that I need to make to transfer my belongings from the old place to the new place - not forgetting loading and unloading part. Until now, I still haven't arranged my stuff properly!

Though my crib is a total mess but my partner and I took effort to set up the Christmas tree

Secondly, I made a quick escape to Genting Highlands with my partner since I missed the cold breeze over there. Yeah, the sole purpose for me to go uphill to Genting not for gambling (which I have no idea at all) and not for the theme park (though it has been closed for sometime to make way for Fox theme park) but for the cold breeze. I really like the cold breeze over there as it's really refreshing for  me though it's rather dry. Anyway, this is my second time staying at First World Hotel. I had terrible experience staying there for the first time like 10 years ago but I must say it improved a lot. It's clean and really comfortable. We spent more time in the room rather outdoor since twas so comfy to wrap in the blanket in the cold weather. I was pretty impressed with the self-check in/out kiosks which were really convenient and fast.

Chilling a cup of Starbucks tea in chilly weather - this is life!

So what's next? Bangkok trip, Mumma Mia The Musical and of course, the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas. 

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