Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to December

I had a very long conversation with old buddy of mine this evening. I was really delighted that we managed to keep in touch once again after like 10 years since we last spoke.

He was my buddy back in high school.  I still could recall vividly that we were struggling for SPM since we barely studied and look at us now, he's a doctor and I am...well.. a PR practitioner so to say. I have no idea where the path will lead us for another 10 years.

Maybe I should not look that far, maybe i should just look a little bit closer on the things that will be happening after this Friday. Yes, this Friday will mark my final day at my current company. Thereafter, i will have a month break and i deserve this break since I've been working like a dog for past five years! So no more alarm clock, no more deadlines, no more followups and no more pitching.

Sounds perfect but i guess my break will be very exhausting one since the lineup for the activities are so packed - from Bangkok trip to move into a new place and from short trip with my boo and my short vacation back in my dad hometown Penang. I hope all will go well - fingers crossed!

Since it's already December, so before i end my note, let's play this song to enliven the festive season- how i love Christmas! :)

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