Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Holly Jolly Christmas

If ask Bart Simpson why Christmas is celebrated every 25th December - he will answer you this: 

"To celebrate the birth of Santa!"

His answer is rather funny but we could not blame him since Santa Clause does overshadow Jesus Christ during Christmas. Just look at shopping mall's festive decoration, Santa clause face is like everywhere. Even those evergreen Christmas carols are themed after Santa Clause. 

It will be awkward if Jesus is the main theme of  Christmas carols:

"I saw mommy kissing Jesus Christ"

"Jesus Christ is coming to town"

"Here comes Jesus Christ, here comes Jesus Christ right down Jesus Christ lane"

"Jesus baby, so hurry down to my chimney tonight"

Anyway, I won't be a honey bee to write sugar coated words but all I want to say, and since it's Christmas, I have to be honest, I'm thankful to have him in my life.

To my beloved friends and others, may your holiday season be blessed peace, love and joy.

P/S: Just a sneak peek of my Christmas Eve dinner moment ago - it was a simple candle lit dinner at home. Since our booking at some restaurant was cancelled last minute (that some restaurant is Halia at Sime Darby Convention) and we were very lazy to go all the hassle to find a dining place which would be still available for booking on Christmas Eve so we just bought some candles, a bottle of wine and Daves Deli roasted chicken for our 'meaningful Christmas Eve dinner. 

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