Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I wanna be

It was pretty interesting to do some research on those young lifestyle bloggers. They are young, clad the most recent fashion and style, eat the most expensive food and i think pretty rich too. Honestly, I have green eyes and why some corporates sponsor me to do something like travelling or dining?

 Some people were just born lucky ain't it? So young but they already have successful career in the blogsphere.But how long this blog conduit could last? Nothing will stay forever.

I just wonder, do these blogger have this ambition to be famous bloggers when they were younger or just by chance?

I still could recall when I was very young that I wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to soar up in the skies and go around the world. But after 911 , my innocent ambition vanished just like the twin towers. I was like "Gosh, being a pilot could be so dangerous'.

Then, as I went into the high school, I wanted to be a doctor. So I indulged myself with all the sciences - biology, chemistry and physic. I scored pretty well in my examinations. But as I memorized all the facts and laws, it seemed that my creativity was cut off. Sciences for me were rather in the book, you could not out of boundaries.

As I was forcing myself to study science and thanks to my many heartbreaks during the younger days, I developed this interest to write. To share with you, I started to blog 10 years ago (through three persona) but sadly, I never get famous.

With my newly discovered talent in writing, so I took up mass comm - though my major was PR but most of the subjects were journalism, well it was really a boon for me. But I didn't have any luck in finding a job in journalism, as a last resort, I got a job in PR and the rest is history.

So here I am blogging this boring blog after six years in PR industry. After six years in industry, my parents still have no idea what I am doing - they are still thinking that  i'm doing advertising. Nothing much to shout about and ain't glamorous. But I'm glad I have been telling many stories throughout my journey :)

My birthday is just two days away, nothing much for birthday wish. If you insist for me to make one, I really wanna be Kim K, being so rich and famous by doing nothing.

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