Friday, May 20, 2016

Mere Serendipity

Finding love is never easy - or so it seems when you're single.

As many gay men would admit it, those gay chatting apps like Grindr and JackD will never ever be the platform to find love or at least true love. Come on, we are well-aware that most of the people there are looking for sex. I bet you have plenty of fun from there too.

Let me share my experience in those gay app, there are two side of my stories, one is good and one is bad. The bad, I could not find a lover using that app and people there are really superficial. If you don't have the look or the good physique, don't expect people will reply to your 'hi'.

On the other hand, the good side of these app is that I've found plenty of good friends over there. No wonder, people who are already attached still logging in those apps in the pretext to look for friends. Their boyfriend must be bore them to death lol.

Okay gay apps are not the best way to find lover, what about those decent app like those swipe left and swipe right app...what is the app again....oh yeah Tinder. I have Tinder but most of the time I swipe to the right if you know what I mean.

I guess the technology is ain't the platform for me to find love. Come to think of it, technology never assisted at all for my past relationships. I've got to know most of them through my friends' introduction.

You see, as you grow older, you circle of friends will be rapidly shrinking. Either they are married and have their own life or just wander off somewhere for career. With my limited number of my friends,  I really doubt my friends will introduce me with some potentials.

So where can I find my love?

What about club, the gay's lair?  You know I don't club. What about another gay's lair, gym? My gym is filled with very straight men, well least to my eyes. Even they are gay I don't think they will approach me since I'm not good looking nor have a good physique yes I'm that timid. Though I hope few men at my gym will approach me, well, at least say hi. Wait a minute, did I intentionally leak out that I'm taking up gym?!

Back to my question above, where do I find love - No effort or even time needed to find love. We do not need to find love, love finds us. I always believe in serendipity and fate. That very person will walk into your life and you will fall for him at the unexpected time and at the unexpected place.

Lame right? Talk about serendipity here. I will be laughing at myself if five years down the road I still believe in serendipity and there's no one walk into my life.

Or maybe I could be the last one to laugh but laughing the loudest with my most ideal partner. I always envisage Prince Charming of mine will appear in my life on a drizzle evening. Don't know, maybe rain is something sentimental for me.

Let me envisage some more. He will be taller than me. Maybe we are strangers at first but as he looks at me, he is like looking the best thing in his world. We will trade smiles then the rest will be history. Okay, back to reality and I hate reality.

Since I hate reality that much, let's continue to envisage. Tall guy is my preference since I could put my head on his chest easily.

Then he will caress my hair and whispers to me gently as he is holding me in his arms "If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you would realize how special you are to me," as I'm looking into his eyes that cry for a little bit more of me.

Okay this blog is getting 50 shades of gay. Good night.