Monday, May 9, 2016

<3 Mom

We always lament that time flies and we are getting older. I'm guilty of that too. Nevertheless, we still have the youth and the stamina to walk down the path which is named 'future'.

As we are walking down this path, there are people around us that should not be neglected - our parents. They are not young anymore. The youth and stamina seems to be a thing of yesteryears for them. 

Even I also feel that my parents are getting older. Apart from physical features, they walk a bit slower. It's rather mixed feeling between heartwarming and heartache - when you were little, you parents will hold your hand to walk as they afraid that you would wander off somewhere. It was their assurance to you that they would never let you go and they would keep you safe. 

But now, you have to hold your parents' hand and walk as you afraid that they would fall down. It is your assurance to them that it is your turn to keep them safe.

Since today is Mother's Day and soon to be Father's Day, here's my personal view on these two occasions. Materials and luxury are not the perfect give for both occasions. What they really want from you is spending quality time with them. Quality time is more than luxury.

It's really bizarre for me to learn that Anna Jarvis, the person who founded Mother's Day 1912 but she was the one who boycott the celebration in later years. Why? 

Because she despised the excessive amount of consumerism associated with Mother's Day today. The real meaning of the day is lost.

Before I end my note, there's a reason some people think they can do anything...they listened to their mothers. Happy Mother's Day.

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