Saturday, July 23, 2016

Describe Me

I think I have this problem of admiring not-so-good people.

Let's see who I admire..hmmp, Kim Kardashian. I used to watch her reality series like religiously but the more I watched, the more I envied of her. She did nothing in her life but yet she is so famous and rich. Don't you wish your life could be like her? Waking up in the morning and think of a way to initiate a drama.

Who else? Yes, Taylor Swift!

You see, the reason I adore her because she's beautiful, she's talented, she's rich and she is able to form a league of ex-boyfriends who are melting hot! I really like her because she is fake and she is a whore but acting like a innocent girl from next door. Plus, whenever she is in trouble, she has a squad of plastic women who stand up for her.

Who else? Donald Trump!

Not really admire him but I like the way how he words his thoughts. I guess there is no filter between the brain and his mouth. He just speak out the words whatever inside his mind. Well, you may see this as honesty and direct but I don't think this character is not fit to be a President. Who knows just a slip of the tongue from his word could rage a war?  Though I'm a strong Democrat supporter but I never like him even before his candidacy and primaries.

It's easy to judge people above or people around you but do we really judge ourselves.

Yes, we do especially when we put on weight, then we only judge ourselves like critically. But do we really judge ourselves beneath our skin?

When people ask me to describe myself, I can't do it.

If I could describe every aspect of my strength, I would see it as somewhat overconfidence and boasting. On the other hand, if I could lay out every aspect of my weakness, I would see myself as failure. I know there is balance between strength and weakness but until now I can't really see how much I fare between these two main elements in life.

I really my friends could share their thoughts on what they think about me - for sure, they will answer "You're such a bitch!" or "You're funny".

Yes, I somewhat agree that I have these two traits. I don't see it bitch as in literally but I just describe my thoughts in my mind the things I wish it could be turn out. Maybe I let too much drama in my words and that's why you see as a bitch.

Funny -yes. I think I have great amount of sense of humour. Because I like to see people laugh. Laughter is a little moment of happiness. If you could sum up a considerable amount of laughter moments in a day, I believe there's is no reason happiness doesn't belong to you.

Alright, got to go now. Gonna leave you all behind.

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