Saturday, July 30, 2016

Unwelcoming Encounters At Gym

The moment I stepped into gym, the cocks are like everywhere. The cocks at the treadmills, the cocks  at the yoga class and the cocks at the weightlifting corner. I can't handle so many cocks at one go!

Just joking. Though the dudes at my gym are simply irresistible but they didn't alert my gay-dar :(

If you didn't know, I've been hitting the gym like religiously since early this year. Can't see much difference in me right?

Wait until i take off my shirt!

Scare already right? Okay, i put my shirt back on.

Seriously, I did lost weight - a little. The huge difference I felt ever since I took the gym was less MC for me this year. Really, this year I only fell ill once!

Aside from the differences in physical and biological wise, hitting the gym has given me a whole new experience and new environment - or should I call it encounters. These encounters simply trigger the buried bitch-nature inside of me.

Let's see if we share some similarities when we're at the gym - after all, our favourite workout at gym is judging!

The Invisible Machine Hoggers

It is very annoying. There was a fat bald guy who put his towel at the machine and he wandered off somewhere. Since the machine wasn't occupied, so i sat down. Suddenly, he came back and he told me that he was still using it. Since I was a newbie back then, I did not make a scene. But I feel bad for the guy, after so many months, he is still fat and his head doesn't grow a single thread of hair.

The Visible Machine Hoggers

I can tolerate people who are using the machine for long period of time. Come on, I'm not a bitch to diminish one's mission to develop whatever state of their physical body that they are aiming for. However, people took my tolerance for granted by sitting at the machines and chat with their friends without even working out. If your boyfriends or girlfriends cheating on you, please bring the story outside of the gym - let the diva works out okay?

Animal On The Loose

If you know me well, you know that I like to blast Spotify with my earphones. But to my surprise, even I blasted at the maximum volume level, I still could hear the loud noise from people who were pushing very hard to carry the weights up. Seriously, there was another fat guy with his threatening face who loved to make the loud noises. Trust me, his noise is almost equivalent to the crying hyenas ---------------------------->

Carrying Air

Though I don't have much physical strength but I will never ever choose 5 kg weight. Yes, some people opt 5 kg and they are dudes! They are wasting their time and wasting my time since I wanted to use the same machine also. Could they just raise the hands and carry the air - easier?

Carrying Elephants

Contrary to the point above, some people are just too ambitious. They love to choose the weight that exceeds their capabilities. In the end, they could not do it and skip to other machine. And repeat - choose the heavy weight, fail and go to the other machine. DAFUQ! I just envisage them as a little girl who is scattering flowers across the field = doing nothing good for themselves. Really, it could injure them.

Sweating is Not Sexy

I know working out could make you sweat profusely and it is a common thing to take off your shirt. I'm not judging, in fact I like it since it is an eye candy opportunity for me (sadly, I could not touch). However, please wipe off the sweat. Sweat on the floor and sweat on the machines are not really hygienic my dear. You may consider to ask me to wipe off the sweat on your body instead?

Over Confident

Some people like to show off their ugly body. I really admire their confidence. Of course I'm not!
Skinny people showing off skinny body - for the love of God, they could fall one the floor with a dickslap. What about the fat people showing off the flabby body? Gosh, the layers of fat on the body are like pages, have to turn over the layer to find the tits!

I know there's a question pop up in your mind right now: Did alvin have sex at the gym?

I can read your mind so well. No because my gym is not that conventional and there is no room for those opportunities. Furthermore, they are all straight men. This sucks!

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