Monday, July 11, 2016

I Still Can Recall

To my surprise, this month marks the tenth year ever since I moved to PJ. Can you believe that?!

I still remember I was very excited to move from my unpretentious hometown Ipoh to this big city of Klang Valley. So much anticipations and my wish list was in fact a long one.

In addition to my excitement, I was pretty worried as well. I've to admit here that I used to be mommy boy, so most of the petty items in my life were all settled by parents. So to leave the home and move into the big city was pretty big challenge for me since it was my first time to leave home and settle somewhere else.

The first few months were pretty challenging. Without any family members presence and with only limited friends around, so I was on my own. The first thing I learned when I moved in was taking public transport. Come on, you can't cage a butterfly right? The long queue at KTM commuter and missing the never-on-time Rapid KL bus -  though it was frusrating at that moment but as I'm recalling it now, it is so memorable.

My first crib was Lagoon Perdana in Bandar Sunway. Sounds luxurious right? It isn't the case.

It was like a ghetto and it was pretty run down. I should give myself an award for surviving over six months over there. Then, I shifted to Subang Jaya since it is closer to my college. I really liked Subang Jaya room since it was air-conditioned with queen bed and yes, it came with Astro too! I really miss those late nights and waking up in the afternoon.

Ten years has gone, things have changed and some remain. And some even had left us.

I thought I could find my happy ever after in these 10 years but sadly, I'm still finding at this moment. Well, I did commit to two relationships within two years but it didn't last. I thought I could find the one but it didn't happen. It seems like happiness doesn't belong to me and I'm not qualified to have one.

The other thing that changed and I miss the most is my circle of friends. Though I'm still keeping them in Facebook but there are not many hang out moments with them. I still remember when we went for trips and weekly dinner get together but now, my friends who I really hang out with is just merely handful. Even dinner get together only happens like two or three times a year.

Where they went? Did they cease the friendship with me without my knowledge?

Nah, most of them are married and in relationship. So it's not right to bother them. Well, I guess I'm pretty independent to live alone. Though sometimes I wish they would call me out for a dinner or just for a drink.

It's getting late. Let's see what will I blog about in the next ten year's today. I hope it will be a better me. Since I'm flashing back to the year of 2006, here you go, the hit songs of 2006 and yes, you have aged!

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