Monday, June 5, 2017

Lost In Paradise in Lost World of Tambun

Being an Ipoh-born, it was such an embarrassment  since I never been to Hot Spring at The Lost World of Tambun, Sunway Ipoh. I was really excited to make a trip there with my partner.

However, my excitement and anticipation were marred by the Lost World Hotel. 

So I had this Digi reward which they were giving 60% for the Lost World Hotel 2D1N with two complementary hot spring tickets along with breakfast for two. The rate from its website was stated RM220.

I called the hotel for the availability and double confirm for the hotel rate. The rate was correct but when I told the them that I had this Dg reward 60% off: 

Lost World Hotel: For this, it will be using published rate. 

Me: (Confused) What is published rate?

Lost World Hotel: Around RM400 plus. 

Me: So after my 60% discount will be RM200 plus am I right?

Lost World Hotel: Yes. 

Me: I thought the room rate is RM220 so after 60 % discount rate will be around RM100?

Lost World Hotel: No, we use the published rate for your reward. 

Me: So the reward not make any difference.

Lost World Hotel: Yes.

It looks like they marked up the original price to 60% - so after 60% discount it will remain the original price. So other Digi subscribers and I will not enjoy the 60 % discount. 

What a reap.

In the end, we just bought hotspring tickets at the counter.

Our first stop was the Petting Zoo since we wanted to kick off our night with something dry. Though it was named Petting Zoo but you could hardly touch any animal there except rabbits and hamsters which were quite common and you can just  walk in to any pet shop and touch it. 

To my dismay my favourite raccoons were off from petting. The feeling watching your favourite animal that was so closer but you could not touch it was simply disappointing. But overall it was alright and I like how they segregated the animals - it was like a maze in a lost ancient civilization. 

 Let the pictures narrate a bit my night at Petting Zoo, Lost World of Tambun,Ipoh.

Raccoon - you could only look but can't touch it. Sad.
The very long python - i wonder whether they captured in the wild and pet it here
Two love birds
Hi Tapir
Waiting for Christmas
What does the fox say? Among the cutest things there
Calling King Julian 
Back to the main attraction; the hot spring. But before that, we acclimatized with water at the main pool. So I had phobia with water I just splashed water there. Somehow the water got into my eyes. Somehow my eyes got infected. Somehow doctor diagnosed it as conjunctivitis. Either the water was dirty or I should have wore goggle. 

Anyhow, I liked the hot spring a lot. Apparently, the hot spring is all-natural. At temperature over 40 degree Celsius, it was a perfect place to rejuvenate, rest and relax.The conclave of attraction at Lost World Of Tambun Hot Spring includes Infinity Pool, Lost World Steam Cave, Foot Spa, Crystal Spa, Top of the World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Crystal Pool and many others.

Main pool - great place to wash your eyes 

The Hot Spring 

The cascade of waterfall was simply amazing - and you even could stand at where the water fall- it hit painfully on your skin

That\s all folks. Definitely will make a come back to Lost World of Tambun but definitely not the hotel. 

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