Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Til Death Do Us Part

Taiwan has given its green light for gay marriage, so the possibility for people like us (PLU) is getting closer; especially for Asian folks.

So my partner asked me whether I wanna marry him. Well, neither yes nor no. We share the same notion that marriage is just paper and signature. 

If we devote the same amount of love to each other, there will be no difference if both of us are married or not. 

But a bimbo like me, I kinda envy when I see those wedding pictures from my friends. I want to have walk the aisle moment. I want my wedding photos to be taken on a meadows knee high.

It sounds like a fairy tale but I don't think I have that luck.

Even we have the pompous and lavish wedding, it does not guarantee an everlasting love. Regardless you are married or not, love ain't eternal. I know I sounded pessimistic here but this is the truth. People break up. People file for divorce.

I wonder simple words Til Death Do Us Part are so powerful that keep the love an eternal one. I guess the establishment of family is the vital element to put things together - to sustain the love. The establishment involves having children.

You see having children is a commitment. You will need utmost dedication, sacrifices and love to raise the children. I believe people out there will think twice to file for divorce for the sake of children. They children need a healthy environment built by two parents to grow up and to be an useful person and give back to society. I don't think people will ruin their children development and growth - though some they do.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like kids. Even I'm married somehow, I don't think I will adopt any. Well, I might be wrong - let us see how the future holds for me.

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