Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cartoons That You Can't Live Without During Childhood

Kids today are really blessed indeed. Everytime I dine outside, most of the kids are either playing with their tablets or checking their Facebook with the smartphones. Back to my childhood, the only digital thing on my hand was the black and white Game Boy and Tamagutchi (digital petting).

I wonder since the kids today are so preoccupied with the advanced digital gadgets, do they really have their childhood? Do they go outside and play those childhood games like hide and seek, Blind Man’s Bluff, board games, marbles, Lego and the list goes on.

Everytime I reminisce my childhood memories, definitely those 80s and 90s cartoons will come across my mind. I know if I show the kids today with those days cartoons, they will deem it funny but those cartoons and kids shows had given me the most beautiful childhood memories. Let’s reminisce one more time on our valuable and innocent childhood TV cartoon series amidst the cruel and realistic world today.
Miss how Pinky ruins the Brain's plans in taking over the world? Do you know this animated series was produced by Steven Spielberg?

Little Lulu, Little Lulu with freckles on your chin. I still remember the time for the show, 830 am weekdays! Lulu, Tubby, Alvin, Annie and all the kids in the neighbourhood. I miss the show so much!
I never like them coz they are annoying. Thanks to Alvin & The Chipmunks, the teasing started from my primary school days until now!
In Dexter's Laboratory, lives the smartest boy you've seen. One of my favourite cartoons of all time. Who could ever holds the burst of laughter when his sister Dede blows up his experiements.
Okay, maybe i was a dumbchild when i was young. I always confused between Ghostbuster logo and Michelin
Go Go Power Rangers! I never like them coz i don't believe dinosours attacking city concept. Same it goes to Ultraman
Thank God, Cartoon Network aired this Japanese animated series in English. Akazukin Cha Cha, i know it sounds unfimiliar to you but if you're a fan of Japanese manga, you should watch this hilarious journey of Akazukin in finding the truth about her family and defending the kingdom against the enemies
Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats!! Who can ever forget this line!
Earth Fire Wind Water Heart! With Your Power Combined I am Captain Planet!
Care Bears!
Not very big fan of Ninja Turtles because they are dirty and living in drainage and the big Rat is their master . Filthy turtles
He Man. No wonder i'm gay now lol
Roar Roar.. i believe every time we see the lion roars, it reminds of us of the never ending stories of cat Tom chasing over little cute mouse Jerry. Those chasing games by them has brought us so many laughters during our childhood.I still could recall my mom will rent VHS tapes on Tom and Jerry to keep me occupied. Even my college days, i would switched on Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network  in wee hours and laughed my ass off. This cat and the little mouse has garnered 7 Oscars. Don't take them lightly.

If you didnt watch Fujiko F Fujio's Doraemon when you were young, it means that you did not have a good childhood. Really, this pioneering Japanese animated series has captured the hearts of millions kids in East Asia. I even skipped my piano lesson just to catch Doraemon!
Sunny Day Sweepin' the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Can you tell me how to get,How to get to Sesame Street. I learned my ABC from this show!!
DuckTales (oooh ooooh),Every day they're out there making,DuckTales (oooh ooooh),Tales of daring do bad and good

LuckTales (oooh ooooh). My brother and I wouldn't miss this show
Chip, Chip and Dale! I still recall the whole series is talking about Chip and Dale and rescue rangers team mate fighting over the evil big fat cat
Do you still remember Might Mouse? Little did i know that Mighty Mouse made its first appearance in 1942.
I never like Scooby Doo coz Shaggy is pretty annoying for me
Okay, i watched Barney. No wonder i'm a queer now. Maybe i watch too much parody nowadays, i always imagine Barney is a psychotic dinosaur and he will eat all the kids after the show. Well, Barney is indeed a dinosaur
Fighting crime trying to save the world! The powerpuff girls! How i miss the show. My favourite character gotta be the evil monkey Mojo Jojo!
Sonic The Hedgehog. If you had Sage video game when you were small, you would have a great time with Sonic
Ultraman - same opening, same ending for all the episodes - i don't get it

Mickey Mouse gotta be my no.1 and even now i'm still the die hard fan of this little mouse. Before the Disney channel hit the airwave, there was a show called Kelab Disney on Saturday afternoon. Without fail, i glued to the TV to catch my favourite mouse in the whole wide world and Donald Duck too!
La la la la la, sing a happy song. It was my brother's favourite, i bet those who were born in early 80s, The Smurf does augurs well of your child memories. I was too young to understand this cartoon back then but all i know that there look all the same so i was bit confused 
Before CGI technology and before Transformer movie saga on silver screen, Transformer was among the leading cartoon during the 80s and early 90s! Hasbro toys were cheap back then so my brother had plenty of Transformers toys.

I had beautiful innocent childhood watching the cartoon series on TV until one day i clicked on the show below, and everything went corrupted from then.


  1. Wow... I've watched most of the cartoons you've mentioned but not smurf mighty mouse.

    How come got no Dragon Ball and Sailormoon wan??? Cyber cops and Beetleman le (forgot the name in English d) 'Mong Min Chiu Yan' XD...

  2. i don't watch dragon ball coz i dunno what's going on ahaha
    Sailormoon too gay