Monday, October 29, 2012

Splendour thing or just sick cycle?

Sometimes I ask myself do I fully of letting him go?

I really don’t know. I do miss him somehow. I’m not sure I miss the moments I spent with him or the longing to be with him.

But it doesn’t matter now. He doesn’t even bother me anymore. Perhaps, it’s a good thing to force myself to move on.

Strange right? We were once so close together like two birds of a feather would be. Now, i think he would just walk on by if he sees me.

So here I am, single, alone in the room on this rainy day and writing the good old sad story.

You know sometimes I could be so silly until I stalk people in Facebook and look at those couple photos. Curse them lol.

Love can be many spendlour things, doesn't it? No one can deny the joy it brings. Dreams come true and those fairy tales. Love sometimes is like a drug that makes you blind but you will be very proud when the world is seeing how blind you are.

I wonder how they can attach so easily. Do they really care how fast they fall?

For me, it takes a lifetime for me to change my relationship status in Facebook. Perhaps, I’m that diva that irks every one. Or maybe I never bare my tits in Facebook, that’s why no one approaches me. Seriously, tits could boost popularity in Facebook with the number of likes. Hello world, this is my tits, please like.

Or maybe I don’t spam Facebook timeline enough so that’s why nobody takes notice of me. Really, I have friends who have 20 over postings per day. Maybe I should exceed them with 30 posts! Hello World look at me, attention whore is posting something in Facebook!

Talking about Facebook, there’s a rather cute and hot guy who records himself playing his lips (kissing gesture) and post it in the Facebook. It is very very disturbing!!

Put the sarcasm aside. After all those break ups and almost-got-it situation I’m very tired. Yes, i'm sadder but i'm wiser too after all these shortcomings.

Don’t you think that love is really a cycle. Fall in love -> Hook up -> Break up-> Move on -> fall in love again

Swear, I ain’t gonna fall into that sick cycle again. But alas, when love calls, I can’t refuse it. Maybe I should hold on tight this time around.  

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