Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Many dog lovers are left with limited choices in taking their dogs for a walk. Most of them will just leash their beloved pets and walk them in the neighbourhood coz almost all of the public recreational parks in Malaysia are pet-forbidden.

Worry not. If you live in Bandar Menjalara or its vicinity (KL Kepong, Damansara, PJ, TTDI), there is a dog-friendly park at Desa Park City.

I’m not a dog lover (cat lover here) but I did have good time hanging out with my girl pal with her dog ‘Cooper’.

If your dog is a mongrel, I advise you not to bring your dog there. Like the sad and realistic human society, the dogs there are either pedigree or lavishly interbred. Really, I’ve been there twice, Shih Tzu never exist there, most of the breeds at the park are Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Husky, Poodle and Chow Chow.

I wonder how those pedigree dogs will tell off the mongrels at the park “Bitch, this is for rich and famous only, please leave” lol.

Anyway, one big responsibility at the park is that you have to pick up your pet’s poo poo with the plastic bags provided along the way. Since the park is located in an affluent area, sometimes I wanna laugh at them “Earn so much but in the end you pick up shit” but well, I should not offend others.

After walking the dog at the park, there is a field for the dogs to roam around. This is where the owners will unleash the dogs and exchange their tips on petting their dogs with others while the dogs are either having good time smelling each other ass or having sex fiesta – doggy style.

One good thing about the park is that there is F&B outlets just stone throw away. Without fail, I would buy a cup of Chatime before walking the dog.

Can you see the love?

Lonely soul

silky smooth golden retriever

My name is Tung Tung


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