Monday, October 22, 2012

The Primadonna is available

Gonna be honest, I do loitering around in those gay mobile social network apps (Jack D, Grinder  and Boy Ahoy).

Yes, I do receive messages occasionally (I never show my tits there and my pictures barely hit 10 plus in Facebook but ain’t no why got people message me). So one generic question that they would ask me:  “do you have a boyfriend”

“God no” Le me

“You’re cute. Why single?” generic response from them.

Come to think of it, why I’m still single. To my surprise, I feel good about my singlehood right now.
It has been a year plus since my ex dumped me.  I fell for someone thereafter. It started well but he didn’t accept me in the end and now, he is literally out of my life. He doesn’t even wanna bother me.
Maybe I’m too preoccupied with my work so I don’t have the slightest tendency to muse about relationship right now. I even don’t have time for myself. 

But to honest, if fate allows me to do so, I really don’t mind to have a partner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not those shallow faggot who wants to be in a relationship for the sake of being relationship, you know what I mean. Really, there are people out there who just hook up with people who barely know coz they can’t stand to be single.

Anyway, I guess my preference has slightly changed ‘coz they are so many guys who are so my type in my friend circle but the cupid doesn’t hit me this time. Wonder why. Maybe my preference has been gradually becoming more demanding or should I say beauty comes from within?

Just wanna share with you, I always want an English educated background partner aka banana in Malaysia local colloquial term.  Really, I always have more topics to share with those bananas. I have dated two non-English educated before and it was a disaster. Definitely, it will be a bonus if the person has greater command of English than me. I speak no good English.

Smart guys with humility always turn me on. Maybe that’s why I fell head over heels for my previous crush. He is real smart and witty too. That’s why so hard for me to let go. Smartness and witness is one hella good combination to keep me entertained. 

I know I do behave like a primadonna or diva per say, but one’s wealth is not my barometer to consider for a relationship. I know fags out there are judging the men like what car he’s driving or how much he earns, does he own a property but hey, for me, as long he has proper job and earn a descent earning to feed himself, I’ll be fine. 

Physical wise, I like boyish manly but please don’t be fat and don’t be short coz I want my partner to grabs the items at the shelves that I cant reach. I know I’m short. I’m an Asian okay!

I guess I would be single for very long time. Come on, who wanna date a Primadonna girl like me? I’ma difficult person. I know I’ve a big ego but I don’t know why is such a big deal. I wanna be adored!\

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