Sunday, May 4, 2014

Steady hands just take the wheel

2014 is gonna be half year soon and how it has been treating you?

Not to say i have a terrible first half of 2014 since I have found my love partner and oh boy the serendipity still overwhelms me. Things are looking positive for both of us and I don't rule out any possibility of cohabitation next year. Just love him so much.

In other note, recently I have found out that my health has taken a new turning point and i should not take my health lightly. Don't worry, it's not fatal but medical treatment will take a month or two - so wish me speedy recovery.

Ever since i know that my health is at stake, so I'm wondering should i leading my life with regrets and walking on the broken glasses. Life is too short for regrets and I have so many things that are still far out of reach.

Sometimes i really doubt of the things I'm doing is worth fighting and dying for. Really, the things i'm doing now do take my breath away and it's so suffocating.It's like i'm at the end of the road without any sense of control. All of my thoughts have taken their toll and my mind has broken spirit of my soul.

But it doesn't mean the end, July is my favourite month and i do hope things will be better and it should be better.


  1. Hi.. i like reading your posts..i stumbled upon your blog when i was browsing the internet.. cheered me up when i was it possible to meet you in person?

  2. you got liver infection isit? get well soon,
    btw, i'm not the anon above. looks like you have a stalker =p

  3. Hahaha.. yes, im a stalker.