Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Best Of Both Worlds

It's rather funny or even confusing when people ask me whether I'm top or bottom. Come on, why gays have to be haunted by this question from both other gays and straights.

I'm not talking about sexual position here but rather the role I take in a relationship, if any. Well, if you are dying to know what my sexual position is, why not you explore it in my bedroom.

Anyway, I'm bottom in a relationship. OH NO!! That's what my friends always label me. In fact, I'm confused actually. I think I'm best of both worlds. Oh wait, I just realize that I'm versatile.

In all seriousness, I'm really looking forward for a versatile partner in near future. There are many reasons why I have this aim. Let's..

Assuming I'm top...

Then my partner will be bottom. My generalisation may be wrong but I always find bottoms have this emotional rampage. Most of decisions and actions are driven by emotion that could reduce the level of rationality. I know many bottoms will bitch slap me for saying this but I'm sorry since I watch too much of speeches by Trump with his dramatic finger gesture y so no holds barred for me.

I can't picture myself that I will take a top and a man role in a relationship because I don't see I'm qualified enough. And it consumes a lot of energy and moola just to make a bottom happy since most of them are pretty demanding. I rather have those energy and money for myself. Furthermore, I'm not rich nor have a manly physique to make bottoms fall for me. It's true, money and body are two main aims for bottoms. True love, i doubt so.

Those bottoms who act cute when they are young, I wonder what happen to them when they reach 30s. OMG, don't tell me they gonna act cute at the age of 35, that's disgusting. Really, I have Facebook friend, who is in his mid 30s and he is still posing with soft toys and make all those cute facial expression...yucks..sorry, I just puked in my mouth when he came into my mind.

The world is indeed overcrowded by bottoms. Gay men are like tupperware, you can find all the bottoms, but you can't find the tops.

Assuming I'm bottom...

I guess I would be more comfortable to be a bottom. You see, I don't have to do anything. My top partner will shower me everyday with love.

Just joking, I don't want to see myself as a super bottom either coz I don't want others to see me as bottom bitch. Wait, I'm already a bitch regardless I'm top or bottom haha.

Furthermore, I don't think any top men out there could meet my demands. Even if they could, I don't want to be a loser that always rely on my partner. I could handle myself and lead my life well (although I always wish I could have a top partner who could drive me around coz I'm very lazy to drive).

If my next boyfriend is versatile, I wish he could be initiative, smart and equipped with problem-solving skills. These three traits are very attractive for me. And of course, good command in English please so he will understand my jokes and my sarcasm. Physical wise, good looking is unnecessary (though I wish he could look like Gu Hai) but at least he could flash his smile and make my day.

Regardless top, bottom, versatile - strip away your position and role, underneath it's all the same love.

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