Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why Can't We Be Like That?

I promised myself that this year would be a year that I would be truly single. Without any slightest thought and temptation to get a partner.

Unfortunately, my New Year's determination seems to diminish a little.

Thanks but no thanks to Addiction/Heroin webseries. Damn it, Bai Luo Ying and Gu Hai were so sweet together until making me to get a partner in my life.

Actually, there was a significant person came into my life earlier this year. We started it cool but sooner later he would greet me in morning and sent me good night message every night. He had the potential indeed for me to consider to take a step further. Sadly, he is MIA now.

Life goes on. This isn't the first time and won't be the last time that I have this "so close" situation and I'm tired of this.

I guess you are tired too right. You see, people who showed slight interest in you could yell out those sweet words that could really melt your heart. Such as "I'll take you there..." or "I miss you" or "we do that together okie"...but we (or maybe it's just me) need to wake up to face the reality that things are not happening and the person is gone.

 In short, move on. I know best thing in life would take sometimes. It's good to wait for the one you truly love. But as the time goes, this perseverance becomes stubbornness. And this will lead you to no way and you have waited your damn lifetime for nothing.

No matter how many times you tell yourself to move on and you know there are some people stay deep down in your heart. Please wish them well. Seeing them happy, you would be happy too if you really love them. Loving a person is not about possession, it's just to see that very person happy. Unfair right, he is happy and I'm emo and wishing him well.

I really do envy people around me sometimes. They seem so loving together. Hiding under bedsheet together, spontaneous treasure hunt to locate the surprise gift, exotic escapade. Maybe I did experience these before but I just didn't appreciate it. Such a jerk.

It's getting late. Someday soon, I know he will appear in misty air. And everyone of you would be awed by how awesome my boyfriend is lol..

Come, let's emo together with my favourite song at the moment....most of the time, we will ask ourselves why we can't be like that...

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