Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When Will I See You Again?

So bud of mine is emo recently since his partner is away for few weeks. He is so emo until he needs to be away from KL so that he wouldn't spend the weekend alone and  being emo at home.

I know I shall be death by revealing this but at least he has someone to miss and I truly believe that his partner misses him to pieces as well.

You see. there are two kind of missing. One is the scenario above in which both parties miss each other. From my own experience, this kind of miss is the sweetest. Literally, you can't get him out of your mind.

Regardless you are working or driving or just waking up from your bed, he will be the first person comes to your mind. Every now and then, you will text him to check out what he is doing or what he had for lunch. You even check your phone regularly to see whether he texts though your phone is not in silent.

 And at end of the day before you go to bed, he will text you to ask how your day was.

To be honest, I miss this kind of missing feeling.

However, once the person that you miss the most walks away from your life, you have another kind of missing and this is missing is painful and this missing always happens to me. Sucks right?

The painful part lies in the memories that you enjoyed so much with him. Those sweet memories that you cherish so much becomes your worst enemy that gives you unrest and sorrow. It's even more painful when the cafes or even the retail shops that you always spent time together are already closed down. The last piece of tangible thing that you had with him is slowly gone from your sight.

The best thing you can do is just visualize you and him had a memorable time together at that very place.

If there is a sound for missing and longing, I hope there will be no sound of sob nor sorrow. But I'm always fated that I will have people appear in my life that will take me on the most unforgettable journey. In the end, they will leave me behind with the most painful momento.

It's getting late. It's pointless to be emo for a person who doesn't misses you back or missing in action. But i always ask myself...when will i see him again? When was the last time he thought of me? Or has he completely erased me from his memory?

. The thing I miss the most is that when I was very important in his life and I meant a lot for him. I hope that he will find the missing piece to bring me back to him.


  1. Hey, always been waiting for your latest entry. You should write more. I wouldnt call myself a fan but yeah i love your post. xx