Saturday, March 5, 2016

Addicted to Heroin

Gay community in Malaysia, I presume rest of Asia was literally melted by the love and romance from Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin / Yin Zhi. All the sweet words in the world seem futile to describe how loving these couples are.

I've watched many gay themed movies and series and this China's gay webseries Addicted / Heroin tops it all. At least, this series brings us a happy ending in which most of gay people are hopelessly looking for.

My bud was sick of me since I always yelling out "Bai Luo Yin" all the time whenever I met him. So I dared him to watch this series. And to my surprise, he spent almost four hours to finish the 15-episode of  Addicted / Heroin. And now whenever I meet him, for every 10 minutes, he will say with all his sweetness "Gu Hai!!" Another addicted victim.

There are many reasons why many gay folks like me got addicted by this love story.

Foremost, they are good looking. Good looking as in not those commercial type kinda good looking but the ordinary handsome men you will bump into on the street. That's why their looks could really connect to us.

Secondly, Gu Hai, Gu Hai and Gu Hai - the one who looks and acts like a top. I must say the way he treats Yin Zhi is exceptional and definitely you would be envious of Yin Zhi. To share with you, Yin Zhi is really my type but if I was given an opportunity to choose a boyfriend, definitely Gu Hai. Even there's a person who treats me half as good as Gu Hai, I will marry him. Not joking, some of my friends and even me got tears in our eyes just to watch the way Gu Hai treats Yin Zhi. He touches our hearts indeed.

My favourite scene?

Gonna be roof top scene in which Gu Hai consoled Yin Zhi who was crying badly after his father has moved on with his new wife. Just admit it, you also cried when you watching that scene right? It was so much love when Yin Zhi was crying on Gu Hai's embrace.

The other one was Gu Hai forced Yin Zhi to call him "husband"......awwww.... that scene was very very very sweet.

Forward to 2.40, 11.20

Forward to 2.00, 18.00

Forward to 1.35!!

Thirdly, the script. My friends who understand Chinese said the script is superb. Well, I don't know Chinese but by just reading the English subtitle, it already melted me.

Fourthly, the series bring gay folks like me to believe in love again. You see, gay people live in superficial world but looking at Gu Hai and Yin Zhi, it gives us confidence that true love still exits in this community though we know the chances are very low.

Please watch it before some people take it down from the Internet. Just don't understand some people who label us morally wrong to practice gay lifestyle but are they morally right to judge and discriminate us for accepting who we are? Remember only God can judge us.

Anyway, please don't watch Addicted / Heroin if you want to sleep early and have a clear mind without any Gu Hai and Yin Zhi traces playing in your mind lol...

Here's a trailer and let's start the addiction :

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