Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pulau Ketam: Where Rainbow Paints The Crabs

If you are heading to Pulau Ketam, please don't ever look down. I'm not referring to look down on people there but don't ever look down beneath their houses. It's very dirty.

Since their houses are wooden houses on stilt so there is not proper sewage system there. Yup, all the waste will just go down underneath the house. The land underneath their houses is even being utilised as landfill.

Nevertheless, if you are able to ignore above shortcomings, Pulau Ketam is an ideal place for short getaway from the bustling city. Simplicity is what this fishing town has to offer. I've been living in city for all my life so it's really nice experience to back to basic sometimes. Let the pictures below narrate my travelogue in Pulau Ketam.

It's pretty easy to navigate to Pulau Ketam. Just take Kesas highway and follow the signage that leads to Pulau Indah. Alternatively, you may Waze your way to Terminal Penumpang South Port. Once you reach the port, you will be greeted by the giant golden crab. Alternatively, if you are plain lazy to drive, just take KTM to Pelabuhan Klang station. The station is just walking distance to the port.

You are require to take a ferry ride to Pulau Ketam which takes around 40 minutes. Be mindful not to lose yourself in Pulau Ketam as the last ferry ride back to land is 6.30 pm. You can check the schedule by simply clicking here. The fares wise, RM 7 per single way for adults. Alternatively, you can take speed boat which is only 20 minutes journey @ RM 10 per single way.

The picture above is the picturesque landscape once you have reached Pulau Ketam and I didn't filter this picture. As you can see, the shore is filled with mud. If you look closer, the whole land of mud is filled with crabs.

Look at the crabs. By the way, I hate to be a killjoy here. It may look cute but people's urine and faeces go into the mud also since there's no proper sewage system there. So yeah, the crabs feed on urine and shit!

Feed on human faeces and urine with so much nutritions, no wonder crabs in Pulau Ketam are so big

Tadaa! We are eating faeces that built the fleshes of these crabs. Trust me, it was very very juicy and fleshy. We had this at Restoran Lok Hian. Three pieces of crab only cost us RM 50!! 

The crabs are so revered in Pulau Ketam, the villagers there even idolize it at top of the temple!

There are not much you can do in Pulau Ketam except enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of this little fishing village. You may walk or rent a bicycle to visit the entire village.  No, there's no car and this what makes this village so peaceful.

Awww...look at these two love birds. Aside from umbrellla, please bring a long suncreen when you visit this village. Unlike me, I went there without any filter, I literally got sunburn and the dark patches are still on my body.

You will cross a lot of bridges and every bridge has its photo opportunity. BTW, the picture above is not filtered also.

When you at the edge of the island, you will see plenty of fishing port. Apparently, fishing is so popular there (duh, that is their main source of income) that Huat The Fish movie was filmed there.

The other attraction of Pulau Ketam is the colorful houses. Just look at the picture above, they even painted the house in LGBT colour. The rainbow must have fallen from the sky and splattered its colours in Pulau Ketam.

Yes, it is that dirty.

Seriously, I believe that there's a stiff competition going on in the village. Every house is like compete with each to be the most striking and colourful

Take sometime to enter the sundry shops over there. You could find some of the items that could reminisce your childhood 

Remember these bubble toy?

I'm not sure this kind of plastic ruler is still available in the market. When I was in the primary school, I like to stick the pencil into the opening and spin it.

Not sure the kids nowadays will appreciate boardgames. One of it, I don't know what is the proper name but I call it Aeroplane. To get out from the boxes, you have to get number 6 on the dice..gosh those were days....

That's all for my travelogue. Though it's dirty but Pulau Ketam is a really nice place to visit if you want to have a near and short getaway and quiet meditative experience and of course, nice crabs.