Sunday, February 14, 2016

Somebody To Love

Oh hi. Hi there.

Undated tonight?

Me too actually. I hope you're not sad over it. It's okay to be single today and every other day throughout the year.

There are many valid reasons that we don't have anyone to celebrate with.

I believe most of us chose to be single as the hearts of ours have wounded before this. Broken hearts can't be healed, it only moves along with time. These broken hearts had made us to be vulnerable and made us to lose all confidence in love.

While others, they may wait for someone. It's good to wait for someone that you really love but we should set an expiry date of this waiting game. Once you know that the waiting is unfruitful or even the person doesn't show any slight of interest on you, you should really let go. Otherwise, this waiting game will drown you. It even shuns away people who may have interest on you. Like the old saying, don't give up the whole forest just because of a single tree.

For some, they may be too shy to confess to someone. They just remain silent. As once they have confessed, it will scare off that very person. Awkwardness ensues that may lead to the end of friendship. You rather to remain silence to keep the friendship. Well, I guess you should tell him. Tell him how much he meant for you. Who knows he has interest on you also. I know it is risky but life is all about betting right? You could lose everything but once he said yes, you could win him over.

I'm sorry if I'm acting like a love guru here which I'm not. I'm just a loser in love. I wish to have somebody to love, I really do but a choosy guy like me, I think will stay single for quite sometimes. I don't need all the riches or the smoking hot body, I just want someone who could be compatible with me, who could take the lead when I'm tired and aimless to do so.

But on the brighter side, the Feng Shui master forecasted that I'll be having cherry blossom luck this year. And I guess it blossoms a bit early.

Before I end my note, Happy Valentine's Day for those who are attached. Please treat your partner well and of course, wear condom. For singles, it's not so bad right? Just go out and be a whore tonight.

For me, I just sit at home and start to pray until the tears run down from my eyes. And I will sing...can anyone find me somebody

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