Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Romance & Fairytale

The flower at my office wasn't for me, so get back to your work now!

Come to think of it, there's no men in the world have ever brought me flowers. Bitches.

Anyway, it's really nice to see someone receive the flowers from their respective partners. The surprise and the smile on the face is just priceless and it is so pure from the heart. Unless, you really hate that person or show no slightest sign of interest, definitely i will see your bitching resting face.

I guess the love charms from Valentine's Day had swept all over my friends. Some received flowers. Some went overseas for romantic getaway. Some had staycations. Some received chocolate. And me? I was eating a bowl of Bak Kut Teh in Ipoh.

Sometimes I do envy my friends coz they are living in fairytales with full of suprises with their partners. Envious person like me, I'm just a spectator who are scrolling down the Facebook to see all the romantic postings.

I wish I could have a romantic partner but I don't have any luck. And i don't even know what romance is. And I want you to show me.

I'm not referring to go somewhere far and see a towering piece of old metal. Seriously, I don't know why so many people are sucker for that piece of metal. Romantic meh?! Yes, "meh" will be the answer if my partner give me a surprise trip.

I would prefer Amsterdam and visit Anne Frank House (nothing to do with some movie). Then, visit Vincent Van Gogh museum while stroll along the canals. It's so perfect. If not Amsterdam, Prague will be good also to turn me into princess and visit all those castles there.

But all honesty, most of the romantic gestures are just marketing gimmick. You see, you need to fork out money to buy romance. Flowers, chocolate, fancy dinner or whatever you name it, you need money to buy. I believe romance is something you can't buy like simple DIY gift or even piggy back. Yes, I like piggy back. Since I'm very heavy, I guess he needs to be strong to carry me. I know I sound very bottom here but don't you think it's sweet someone carry you around and you just lay your face on his back....awwww...

It's already late. It's time to hit the sack. Since so much romance in my entry, let's end the entry with one of my romantic favourites....if you are reading this, hope to hear you soon..

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