Sunday, February 21, 2016

Something I Like About CNY

It's scary to know that tomorrow will be the last day of Chinese New Year celebration, right?

15 days of celebration comes to an end tomorrow. So how was your celebration this year?

Maybe I'm ageing that's why the celebration has become mundane, more like lack of fun. But at least, I really enjoyed my very long break and I did spend some quality time with my family.

Though it was mundane but there were few things that I really about this festive season this year:

Chinese New Year Movies Marathon:

Without fail, I'll watch almost every CNY movies in the cinema with my parent. It is really heartwarming sight to see when you see the younger generation brings their elders to watch a movie. It really signifies that we have grown up enough to pay for movie tickets and usher our parents to cinema hall. I still remember vividly that I was in my dad's mom to watch Stephen Chow's CNY movies but now I was the one who held her hand to cinema hall.

Talking about CNY movies, which one is your favourite this year?

For me, it's Mermaid. Not because it is Stephen Chow's movie but at least this comedy movie has its storyline and further brings awareness to our environment. Compared to From Vegas To Macau III, my gosh, I didn't know what the heck was going on. No storyline and the jokes were very very lame. And I wasn't entertained by the robots at all.

Don't you think Hong Kong Chinese New Year movies are getting lamer? Even our local Ola Bola could beat them easily. What happen to those golden era of Hong Kong movies in the 90s?

Thank God, TV had made the rerun of the old Hong Kong comedy movies. Thought I watched like 20 times but I still found it very funny. If i watch another 20 times, I will still find it very funny. The jokes and the acting skills of the veteran actors/actresses are simply timeless. Who could ever forget movies below:

It's A Mad Mad World

All's Well, Ends Well Too

All's Well, Ends Well

Journey To The West


I don't know how many animals that I've killed for this festive season. I shouldn't complain much since it was a blessing there were food on the table during Chinese New Year. Let's see what I had for CNY:

Yee Sang! I had it twice this year
My reunion dinner. Kudos to my mom and aunties who worked very hard for this very special meal. My favourite dish on the dining table definantely gonna be Sambal Petai, it was the bomb! Anyhow, it is not how many dishes nor what dishes are served but the people who eat with you at dining table during reunion table that counts 
Look at the Tiger Prawns~!

My family is rather unorthodox since most of the dinner during CNY were western food. So we went to my mom's favourite American Pizza place in Ipoh, MichaelangelO Pizzeria in Ipoh Garden East. It's still the best pizza place I ever been.

Not forgetting CNY tidbits especially nga ku!
Check out the price of Empurau fish! Named as 'Unforgettable' in Chinese, apparently it's the most expensive edible fish in Malaysia
Caramelised Roasted Pork at Vimtry, Damansara. I know it sounds deathly but it is really nice! 
Lychee Cheese Cake - the amount of cheese and lychee are just perfect for taste buds

Since I was in Ipoh, it would be a great waste if I didn't have my hometown local food right like Mixed Fruits Ice in Tong Sui Kai near Sam Tet

And Wern Tou Long - only in Ipoh. It's a shaved ice with lemon with jelly at the bottom. Great way to relinquish your thirst 

Friend Yeung Lui - succulent fried fish paste stuffed in varied manner at Big Tree Root, Pasir Pinji. It's a must have everytime I'm back in Ipoh
Of course, the cafes in Ipoh. I know Ipoh is very famous for its cafes (i think 30 over cafes to try out) but I only been to 10 or so. And the latest one was Petit Mary Patisserie. If you like a princessesy and homey ambience, this is the place for you!

Great ambience at the grea hotel of M Boutique, Station 18. Myth Esspresso Bar is the place to be if you want to have long evening chat with your friends. I think i spent two hours gossiping and bitching there :) 

The good old Ipoh, never loses its charm

Mundane right? Well, the quality time spent with family and friends matter. Furthermore, the celebration for my family this year had been toned down since my grandparents passed away last year.

This pretty sums up my Chinese New Year celebration. See you again in January 28, 2017! Once again, have a blessed Year of Monkey! 

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