Thursday, February 18, 2016

Out of The Woods

Yes, I'm talking about Taylor Swift.

Monday was worth of celebration for all the swifties out there as she won the coveted Grammy's Album Of The Year for her album 1989. And below is her acceptance speech:

Powerful right?

Somehow her acceptance speech is so motivating. Along the way, there were people who belittled me since I was a rather a quiet person so they would take me for granted and left me defenceless. I might be somewhat naive but once I believed in myself and treated people with all the kindness - these people had spurred me to what I am today. I may have not achieve the fortunes or the numbers but at least I know myself is stronger than before.

Back to Taylor, I guess I no need to mention her achievements and accolades she garnered throughout her career. She is like the most successful singer of our time.

Let's flip the other side of the coin and check out her personal life. Her personal life inspired me somehow.


First, can you recall the list of her ex-boyfriends? - John Mayer, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas among any others.

Aside from Mayer, all her exes are hotties and cutie pies. I'm not sure she is a terrible lover that's why she changed boyfriend/date as if she changed her clothes. People changing boyfriends/dates are often labeled as whores but not in Taylor Swift case. Everyone still sees her as the girl from next door and even a role model.

So let's apply her changing boyfriend habit into our reality. Can't or can do?

I guess most of us will refrain ourselves from changing our dates and boyfriends since we don't people to see us whores. Come on it's not that way should be.

Just make yourself as attractive like Taylor Swift. I know it sounds superficial but this is our sad reality. People look things at the surface. If you look good, people will take notice of you and even chasing after you.

Once you have the physical asset, you can date any guy that you want just like Taylor. I don't understand people who have the asset tend to play safe and see the flow. Trying to be a good boy?

Being a goodie will not bring you any good as they say, nice guy finish last and you don't have a damn certification for being a good boy. Try out with the potential people in your life. If things could not work out, just move on with your life and get a new one. Play it smart.

Just look at Taylor, in the end look who she able to grab? Calvin Harris and he is the hottest DJ in this planet.

Aside from the hot ex-boyfriends, Taylor has an entourage of hot chicks that accompany her for events. And those hot chicks are her bffs. Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Lorde (not hot), Ellie Goulding and the list goes on.

Once you have the beautiful physical assets, naturally, you will be surrounded by people who have beautiful assets also.

I want to make disclaimer here, the above statement doesn't reflect me at all since I don't have the assets. Friends wise, I'm surrounded by beautiful people with beautiful heart. Maybe they sympathize me as I'm the ugly one.

Alright, it's rather late here. Before I end my note, get out from the woods and step into the success, the beauty and the fame of Taylor Swift.

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