Sunday, October 9, 2016

Back Into Love

Don't you think it's rather heartwarming to see an actual proposal?

I witnessed one the other day. When I was dining for a belated birthday dinner with my friends at Signature, The Roof, suddenly, people with balloons slowly walking into the restaurants. Then, as usual, it was suprised for the lass followed by the lad on his bended knee. 

Of course the lass said "yes". The whole restaurant clapped for them and they had my applause. Though I didn't know them but I really felt happy for both of them.

So they had my applause of blessing and happiness, when is my turn to have that kind of applause for myself?

You know it's the end of the year. And it's monsoon season. It starts to rain. As the heavy droplets of the rain fall angrily to ground, it wakens the world inside of me, and the world is named 'love'.

I have to admit here, someone caught my attention lately, not only my attention but my heart as well.

Well, it's still tip of the iceberg, I can't really assure that this could work or not. Hopefully, it won't be a lonely Christmas this year.

"Accidentally in love" and that's how I fell in love. 

You see we just started as friends, nothing serious, it was merely casual friends. But as the days gone by, I started to get more concerned over him.

I didn't know why it really broke my heart when he told me that he had a boyfriend. My whole just collapsed. It felt like as if the most precious thing I ever owned is taken off by someone else. And I felt like part of me has became hollow as he broke the news to me.

But then again, something happened between him and his boyfriends, the relationship didn't work. I know he was really heartbroken, but he didn't realize that I was even more heartbroken to see him heartbroken. 

My day isn't complete if I could not hear from him. I really miss him when we are apart and we are apart most of the time, that's why, I always lock myself in the room nowadays and just thinking of him. 

I know to say "I love you" is inappropriate at this juncture and he must heard these words hundred times before, so do I. And you've been hurt and so your heart has chose to close the door. Love broke your heart and brought you lies. 
You with your sad eyes. It's cute for me but I know deep down inside of you, you're discouraged. It's hard to take courage again, even for me, in a world of full of people and liars. 

But if you have a moment, just look into my eyes. You'll see a love that's deep and true; tender and strong all for you. And when you reach for love, you will only need to reach for me. I hope my tiny arms will not let you down.

You never walk alone. I'll walk with you through every storm. From my heart, I promise you I'll be there, for you, just for you. I'll never ever make you cry. 

And whenever I smile, you will be the reason, and always will be. And please don't ever let anyone to take your smile away. Coz you have no idea how many people have fallen with your smile.

Before I end my note, I would like to end with this beautiful cover by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. 

"And I see your true colours shining through. I see your true colours and that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let them show. True colours are beautiful like rainbow"

Don't be sad and afraid as you still have me. 

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