Saturday, October 22, 2016

True Colours

I believe everyone who is reading this blog has respective rock bottom period. I even had mine few months.

Things are getting better but I'm still at the bottom zone. It's like an empty plastic bag drifted to wind - without any direction, without any aim.

I know it is tough, challenging and restless but everyone of us need to go through rock bottom at some stages in our lives. You would learn a lot at the rock bottom. You learn to be strong, you learn to be resilience and you learn to positive.

And most of all, you learn to see people's true colours.

You see, when you're at rock bottom, you tend to reach for people's help. Though the help is not much to address the whole problem but at least it could lessen your burden.

As you reach for people's help or even just simple pathetic years, you would learn who are your true friends who would be there for you. I don't have many friends in fact but I'm grateful that I have few friends who always been there for me. And believe me, they gonna be my friends for lifetime.

For those who shun away from me, though I was shocked but they had a choice. It was really up to them.

But thanks to them, I really could see who my true friends are.

Maybe I should confide at home after work rather spending my time outside since most of the people are pretty ugly.

For those people who are at the rock bottom right now, let me tell you this; don't be discouraged. I know it's hard to take courage once again. I know the people in this world can make you so small but please never confide to them. Don't ever change for people to like you. Just be yourself because original is more worthy than a copy.

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