Sunday, October 30, 2016

Let Go

When you have the intention to commit into a relationship but you have hesitation to do so.

I guess I'm not the only one who have this hesitation. Even the person that I'm seeing, he's not ready.

There are many reasons we have this hesitation. One of it gonna be that we are afraid to be hurt again.

You see, once we've been hurt, we swore that we would never fall in love again. We would build the tallest wall to safeguard our heart from being hurt again. I guess it's just a human nature to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Even the opportunity comes, we tend to avoid it since our scars remind us that the pain is real.

Once bitten, twice shy - as people may call it. But the question here is  when we should be ready? Would it be fair for the person or even for yourself to bring the past and let the past to be a hindrance to grasp the opportunity?

If we can't let go the past and keep bringing the past in the road ahead, it would be even more hurtful and worse still, you are giving the person who hurt you the credit. The credit that he is so important in your life that you still can't let go even now.

I believe for those who have been hurt before like me, it's time to tear down those walls.

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