Thursday, October 13, 2016

Love is Colour Blind

Every now and then, strangers will ask me whether I'm Malay or Chinese.

I'm totally fine people questioning me about my race. To make it clear here, I'm pure Chinese. And I know I can't speak Mandarin and I have big eyes (not single eye-lid) which make people mistaken me as Malay.

I'm totally fine because I'm a Malaysian. There's no need to give much concern of what race I am, Malaysian first, my race comes second. I believe Malaysia wouldn't come into this stage if those bigots could put Malaysian first and race second.

Alvin, if you put Malaysian first, your race second - why not get a partner which is not your race?!

I have no problem with that actually. And people who are close to me know that I have preference towards certain race and that race is the majority race here.

As old saying goes "Love is Blind", if you're strong believe in this phrase, you have to
be colour blind in love.

I do not believe that the colour of one's skin is the factor for your to consider your partner. Underneath the skin, it's the common love that we share across the universe - the devotion, the sincerity, the care and the adoration.

But this is Malaysia. I believe if my partner is a typical Malay or Indian, people will have those staring eyes. I know even my friends will question me.

You know I don't care right.

Anyhow, I hope things could work out for me. Yes, I'm seeing someone lately who is not same race with me.But it's to tell whether we could be there.

For what I know at this moment,  I miss him a lot.

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