Friday, October 11, 2013

Chubby VS Hottie

Though I've been quiet in Facebook lately  but my eyes still can see.

Aside from those dramatic posts from you know who, I'm completely blown away by acquaintance of mine who goes topless. He used to be a skinny lad but he became bigger in size after took up gym routine then booyaah! He posted his shirtless picture in Facebook and it was literally delectable. Not surprise, he had over 300 likes.

So I'm thinking do the gay people here share this common belief that you need a hot lucious body to be accepted in the community or to be the visible ones?

What about those who posses super skinny body or even fat laden body? Sidelined? Unwanted? Or just get out From this community? Imagine they post a shirtless picture in Facebook, no people will even take notice unless those people who have bizarre preferance. 

I've been thinking to hit gym and make my body in shape and take shirtless picture and post it in Facebook to let theworld  to see my nipples.

Just joking, I'm not those attention whores. 

The reason I'm considering to hit the gym is well, I eat a lot so there are some unwanted parts of my body. But the main objective will always be building up my stamina and to have a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe I should put this in my resolution for 2014.

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