Friday, October 18, 2013

Port Dickson : seafood and cats

So when I told my friend that I was going to Port Dickson or commonly known as PD, they were like 'huh? pd?? So dirty there".

Indeed, it was so dirty. The seashore was like a rubbish dump with food packets top the list. Where the civic minded people go?

Anyhow, to be honest with you, this is my maiden trip to port Dickson. I'm not a beach person but since Tuesday was a off day so why not I spent the weekend with an escapade far off but not too far from KL. Though the actual journey was around an hour but the traffic jam delayed our journey to two hours!

Apparently, the hotel I stayed in was in the new development area named Port Dickson Waterfront - a modern commercial hub facing the sea. I really liked it because the hotel was facing the sea and the F&B outlets were just perfectly adorning the seaside. Let the pictures below narrate my trip:
A fantastic point of view but it was not the case in actual as there were trashes hidden between the rocks. However, it was a nice stroll to hear the sound of wave and admired the sunset               
Picture captured at Cape Rachado. You have to hike the hills like half an hour until your breath is taken away by this marvelous view of the Straits of Malacca

Starbucks face the sea - I bet the Starbucks die-hard fans would love this. A brew of hot coffee listening to the sea wave crashing the shore- you can't get this relaxing experience in KL

The other thing I loved about Port Dickson is that cats were everywhere. This pregnant mother cat was captured at the restaurant- she was waiting for me to feed her. How can one resist her innocent eyes; just like Puss in Boots.

Had seafood for dinner at Yun Long Seafood Restaurant. Four dishes which inclusive of prawns is only RM 60!! But the taste was just moderate - lack of culinary skills.

Another cat chilling at the pathway near the sea

The lighthouse at Cape Rachado. It was like 20 minutes drive from Port Dickson to this lighthouse and you have to hike additional 20 minutes to reach this lighthouse.

Xi Wang restaurant which was just diagonally  opposite Yun Long. RM 60 for four dishes which inclusive of a piece of crab. So cheap right?! The taste wise, this one was better but please do bear in mind that this restaurant was rather hot and stuffy. 

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