Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deliberately indecisive

"So Alvin, what is your weakness"

Every time people ask me this question especially those interviewers, I will pause for awhile coz I never really reflect myself to define my weakness.

I always wanted to answer "I'm not a morning person" but due to formality I couldn't.

Weakness? Please! I'm a Kimora wanna be-there is no such thing called "weakness" in my life.

But to be honest, I think my weakness is that I'll take a long time to deliberate my decision or even judgement. Somehow this will make me indecisive ( especially when it comes to what to eat).

I'm afraid of misjudgment also. If we ever made a wrong decision or even misjudgment, the unwanted regrets will surely ensue.

So yeah, please don't get me wrong if I'm indecisive, I just need a little more time to consider.
Like I take a whole lot of time to consider whether should I quit this gay circle and settle down with someone. I'm not joking and I'm not implying I'm turning straight. But just that so sick of this circle sometimes. It's either heartbreaks or get annoyed with those faggots. Really, just open up your jack d and it's like an app for the whores-hardly you can make any friends there and hardly you can see people there with their shirt on. 

And omj (I have no idea what it stands for I think it is referring to oh my jizz) more and more fags are getting shallower. douchewaffle indeed.


  1. I need to agree with you...
    Most of the gay in here jz looking for fun instead of settle down...
    There I shard to make a commitment with the community at here...