Saturday, October 26, 2013

Young and Reckless Before Old and Wise

I know when i was in pre-teen years, i had this paranoia that how would i look like or where would i be when i turned 30.

Though i still haven't hit the big 3 O just yet but i feel myself is aging coz i have some signs of erectile dysfunction. Just joking, the big 3 O is nearing soon to be honest with you.

I mean seriously, every time i scroll down the Facebook, I'll be definitely bombarded with those younger gay boys' posts (i love it when they go nympho and take the shirt off and post in Facebook) - somehow or rather, their posts are not thought-provoking sometimes. Am i disconnecting to the younger generation gradually and heading to the old fags' home?

Maybe the term "aging" is too strong, "mature" sounds better.

Another reason how this mature thingy strikes me is the conversation topics with my close friends are somehow sway into to the grown up men topics. Okay, i admit that i was a SGL  (sei gay lou aka faggot) before and men would always be my favourite topic. But now, i mostly discuss about career, politics, investment and economy. Like yesterday, i had an hour chat in wee hours at the cafe with my friend on Budget 2014. I guess most of the SGL would be discussing about men or bitching about the gay people in Jack D - predictable.

Additionally, i feel myself aging coz i need supplements to maintain my well-being. I always wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle like eat healthily, sleep early and do exercise regularly but i failed miserably. Really, the staircase will be my worst enemy coz it always cause me shortness of breath. That's why i'm currently scouting for a gym to build up my stamina. Pump up my body? I don't know want to pump up or not coz i would never imagine how would i look like if i become really fit like muscle on every inch of my body. I think body like Justin Bieber will be just nice for me.

Actually i don't like overly fit those kinda body - it looks like walking Michelin. The worst cases that trigger me to bitch about them are fit body with small legs (they look like put chai kou (chinese pudding cake) with two sticks shove into the bottom) AND fit body with small head - if Hollywood wanted to make a movie of Ninja Turtles, definitely, they can be the casts easily(I'm not being bitchy but just look at the turtle and you will get what i mean)

I think i have to stop here coz the more i blog the more bitchy i am. And i'm glad that i didn't mention about settle down here coz the heartbreak kid still wants to play more. Nah, it's not the best time for me to settle down and hardly anyone can open up my heart.

Here is a saying before i end my entry:

You know you're old when your regrets overcome your dreams.

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