Sunday, November 3, 2013

Irreplaceable & Unconditional

Deepavali celebration is over- you know what's next. Yes, that's right-Christmas.

I'm a huge sucker for Christmas as it is the most sentimental day of the year and even far greater than valentine's day. 

Thought I would have a potential to spend the Yuletide this year but things just couldn't work out.

If you didn't know, last month or last two months I had been going out with someone. You may call it as a curse coz the person also named D as its initial. My life is pretty comical coz all the people I like have the initial D or D somewhere in between their names.

Anyhow, I felt kinda bad coz I was a heartbreaker this time around. Come to think of it, I was like a super jerk played with his feelings and initiated the courtship and he fell into it.

I never meant to hurt him. At least I did the right thing to stop the courtship before he fell even deeper. Things just wouldn't work out and my feelings didn't reach the benchmark for me to commit into a relationship unconditionally.

Or maybe the benchmark set by that very someone is never meant to be reached by someone else coz that very someone is near irreplaceable. Or maybe the benchmark is only exclusive for him. I hope not. I really do hope there's someone out there could do far more better than him until could make me madly fall in love and commit to a relationship.

 I know this love sick thingy is hard to let go. Even if you let go, memories will still linger. Sometimes, it's not that goodbye that hurts but the flashbacks that follow.

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