Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lingua Problemo

Do you believe the clash of culture between Chinese educated people and English/national school educated people?

Yes, somewhat for me. I have plenty of Chinese educated friends and I could click with them very well. Let's narrow the topic to those very Chinese educated people who could barely or uncomfortable converse in other language aside for their mother tongue.

Let's narrow it further to dating to a person who has different type of education background with you.

Since I was English educated ( if you know me well, you would know what sort of school I came from) let's talk about a banana guy like me dating a very Chinese educated person. I wouldn't mind actually if the person treats me kind and he could always lend his hand whenever I'm in the difficulty in coming across a Chinese written article. Or maybe he could teach me in familiarizing some basic Chinese characters.

They always envy us on our great command of English but I do envy them that they could read Chinese.

But along the way, problems tend to arise as different kind of mindset. This is proven from my failed relationships with my previous lovers. Sometimes, I don't know what they were thinking.

The most challenging issue here was communication as I would express my critical issues in English but since my ex was more comfortable with Chinese so I had no choice to translate my thoughts in Chinese until came to a point I was lazy to express everything in Chinese so let it be and this definitely strained the relationship. 
Somehow their mindset is rather practical  and reserved. On contrary, English educated people is rather dare devil with wild and free ideas. So it was rather sad that my relationship with my exes was ended up in heated arguments since they couldn't understand what I was really thinking.

Nevertheless, friendship and love doesn't confined to language barrier or education barrier. My statement above is just based on my experience and it is very subjective to tell whether right or wrong. 

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