Saturday, November 16, 2013

Got the look but..

Every time I post selfies in my Facebook, I hardly can get more than 10 likes.

Not complaining nor upset neither coz I do accept the fact that I'm not handsome but at least I feel confident about my outlook. Like what I always say "the beauty lies within".

Okay, so how would you feel if you had a face which carved by angel?

Well, of course you feel great coz you will be like a blue chip in the gay market. Look, gay community is real, they only go for the look. If have the look, the world revolves around you.

However, as I've been in this community for ages, good look doesn't mean everything.

Some good looking people are pretty bimbo actually. I don't want to use the term dumb ass as it will be too mean. Name no mention, just check out those hunk themed competitions. Not all of them are dimwitted but if they were, you would have a great laugh mesmerizing how they answer the questions.

Some good looking people are also surviving on their look but have nothing within. Yes, they will go all sort of stuff to maintain the beauty on the surface. So their level of confidence is built upon the surface on their skin and not within.

Let me share with you of my experience: i was organizing a nationwide mr cool search, so this gay guy who was acquaintance of mine got shortlisted. However, he chicken out last minute because he didn't have the confidence to be in a public sphere and compete with others.What stunned me was he could remove his shirt and took shirtless selfie in the Facebook with hundreds of likes but when i provided him a platform to showcase his look, he was a chicken and  quit eventually. Sad right? Virtually gaining manifestation from other people for his outlook but when it comes to real and actual platform, he lost his balls.

The more I blog, the meaner I am so I finish up this entry with a finale: overconfidence people. I don't want to judge one's look so make an assumption here that guy I'm referring looks normal. And my god, although he has a decent look but he positions himself as a very sort after guy in the market. Seriously, even if very sort after, please be polite and humble one unlike this: 

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