Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sweet O Success

Failures and regrets; I have a few but then again, too few to mention. But yet, I do have an accolade of achievements that I really proud of. 

During school days; for most of us, I believe the achievements and success stories would be like scoring straight As, getting top in the class and won some competitions. Academically, well, I wasn't the dumbest person in the class, I scored pretty well ok? Achieving academic result was a piece of cake.

As you enter the battlefield of working   environment, achievement and success stories are rather difficult to be written since it's a real world. There's a Chinese saying "it takes three years to yield three minutes of fame on the stage". That saying simply testifies the amount of effort and dedication before you reap what you sow in your work.

Well, I do feel proud of my work so far, be it in my old agency or new agency. Sometimes I couldn't expect myself that I could produce that successful results. It is a great humility indeed.

However, every time I did a great job, at the end of the day, I would feel emotional about it. I felt like that I need to break the news to someone and share the joy and celebrate about it. I wanted to share it in FB but I refuse to coz hardly people know what Public Relations is all about. And I didn't want to create attention in Facebook.

Strange right? I should be happy and proud. My pride will be written in my cv but the hidden joy is the main issue here.I don't know how to express it nor I know how to share it. 

I hope I won't be a drifter. But I won't be satisfied every key results that I have achieved. As the achievement is attained, it is my natural instinct to raise the bar even higher to achieve even higher result. That's why it's hard to be little Alvin coz I never satisfied. 

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