Thursday, November 21, 2013

The green display of affection

Every time I look at those public display of affection in Facebook - I would ask myself "Alvin, when is your turn?"

Not near future of course. I gotta admit it that I do get envy sometimes whenever I come across those affection. Am I that low and bad quality to have someone just to have slightest taste of affection? 

Maybe due to peer pressure, I feel low confidence sometimes. I'm not good looking or I have hard rock solid sexy body; I don't even stand a chance in this gay market. But being say that, I'm choosy as well. Honestly,I would like someone who is a brainer instead of those typical faggot you find on the street or those gay people who are so poor, what they have is only their bodies. Like those shrimps, nice succulent body but without brain.

Ok, back to the topic: public display of affection is out of topic for gay in the actual public sphere what I mean is virtually in Facebook. 

I know happiness is to be shared but those affection could turn people's eyes green eventually. Who knows someone is jealous about your relationship that goes so well and intimate until it irks him to ruin your relationship. Anything could happen.

And of course, gay community in Malaysia is rather small, so everyone knows each other. You might never know your best friend's boyfriend is the guy you slept with before - it might happen.  

So why declare to the public on who is your another half. The more public see the affection in Facebook, the more attention it garners and the more gossips that follow. I don't rule out that the gossips are the reason of relationship breakdown.

It's true; let's make a scenario here: your partner is highly popular in the scene; so everyone in gay community scrutinizes every move you guys make. Once there is a little small issue in your relationship, everyone will take notice and talk about it. Inevitably, some feedback could add another blow to the issue which in the end the issue has gone out of proportion then break up in the end.

So kids, stay low ya? 

Btw, this entry is meant for gay folks, not straight.

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