Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm not prima-donna

The diva is busy.

If you've been communicating with me in what's app, you would be familiar with the term above as my status.

I know I always utilize the term diva every now and then and even my role model is Kimora, but I ain't no Diva. Really, I'm a living Guan Yin with a noble heart. 

Just that my preference or my wishes or my demands had taken me over the edge sometimes. Look, life is short, why don't we live it up accordingly to our preferance to redefine your life.

I'm not sure I'm a demanding person or not coz I'm not the right position to judge myself. Ok la, I'm demanding sometimes coz I just want to make things happen. 

To forge a friendship with me could be suicidal sometimes to live up my demands but I don't mean any harm ok?

If you want to know a real diva, I can introduce to you. How diva? To talk to him, there's a set of guidelines to follow or else....

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