Sunday, September 29, 2013

In My Life

John Lennon once sang 

"There are places I'll remember, all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain"

Indeed, there are people come and go and some fated to remain in my life. 

I'm not that kinda person who lives next door coz I'm rather mean and sarcastic to my friends most of the time so it's hardly for me to have close friends. But for those who stay in my life, I really love them all.

For some who deliberately to end the friendship, well, you have made the choice and I don't even bother to salvage anything.

Though I'm quite upholding the notion of freedom of expression but when it comes to sissy and behave like super diva, please get out of my life. Especially those divas who love to boast around. Just hate those.

Love wise, I don't want this entry to be the longest entry ever. Love wise, just come what may. 

Though it sounds cliche but I've to admit here that I'm seeing someone. Seeing someone doesn't mean that I'm committed and I'm attached. Just exploring the potentials (yes, I'm using plural). 

Seeing someone doesn't mean that I don't open up the opportunities for others. Nevertheless, it's too soon for me to settle down or even to have a relationship - maybe next year.

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