Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friend No More

"I don't want to friend you anymore"

Those were the words that we frequently would hear when were so small. As we grow older, the phrase above seems to be obsolete as we are mature enough to take friendship as mature way as possible. If ever misunderstanding and even uncomfortable situation arised,both true friends will open up and talk the issue over and solve it for the sake of the friendship.

I rarely talk or even think about this friendship thing - not to say I don't bother  my friends but I'm approaching towards end of 20s, comradeship is already well-built and the rest attention is much focused towards career and family (if I had one).

But to my surprise, these I don't want to friend you thingy is still happening to me.

Though it is not apparent words from him but his action tells it all. Well, this is not the first time happening, many times indeed.

I'm tired to give a fuck to all this shit.I always tell myself though we are gay but don't take things in sissy way and be a man about it.

You see, he's not young anymore why he still needs to be so sissy about it over the small matter. I do admit that I was wrong somewhere but the matter was just a small particle in the whole universe.

It has been a month since we last spoke and I'm feeling great actually. To be honest, before the issue happened, I had been reserved and trying to take a step back from him. I don't want to be a bitch to narrow down why I did that but I believe he had changed- change in a way that I didn't trust him anymore - in a way that the way he expressed himself publicly sometimes irked me.I had tried my best to salvage the friendship but his action told me not to give a fuck.

So let it be. Friends come and go and I don't bother anymore.

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