Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two weeks of hiatus

Today is the last day of my two-weeks break before I commence to work in the new agency.

Though I really look forward but this job will change my lifestyle totally-the major one gonna be sleep early and wake up early since the traffic to my new workplace isn't that pleasant at all. Well, early bird catches the worm and sleeping early is good for health too. 

To echo the common gay lifestyle, I might consider to hit the gym too. Yeah, to get a hot nice body and lure all the men into my room. Nah, not really to get a fit body, that will be my secondary - my primary objective is to get a healthy body. You see, I'm aging and I need stamina I mean more stamina to go through the day.

Anyway, for these 14 days of hiatus from my work, it really provides me a great deal of personal space to do soul searching. 

Soul searching my ass, most of the time I spent sleeping, eating and hang out with my friends. 

Since I have no work to occupy myself just yet, so I have to admit here that I was thinking of someone. Not that I couldn't let go but I really miss his presence.

He's such a perfecto for me but fate only allows us to be friends not more than that.

I really wonder the next love that installs for me. Will he be a tall macho man or cute sunshine boy? I have no idea and I don't have the courage to do so.

You see those love sick thing especially in gay circle is rather superficial- good look, hot body and good bucks rule the day while the ugly and fatso are abandoned without any chance to try what love is all about. I know it's rather shallow to have this generalization but this is the truth. Well, I believe there is true love out there that against all odds.

What about me? Erm, not the time yet I guess? But Christmas is just few months away, it's been awhile I never celebrate Christmas' Eve with the one I truly love. 

But before I jump into another relationship, I really have to make it clear on my position. In relationship wise, I'm not sure I'm a top or a bottom or both. Hmmm..maybe my next partner should be versatile so he can accommodate my seasonal changes in my position.

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