Monday, September 16, 2013

Rich Meets Poor (Part 2)

Im not finish yet. My previous post talks about different classes in society when it comes to gay love, let's extend this topic to friendship and networking or acquaintanceship whatever you want to call it. 

A friend of mine told me this "Alvin, I don't know how to mix with people with different background. My manager told me to dress well and branded in this corporate world and then, people will notice you. Of course, mix with same level of class or higher".

I don't deny that in corporate world we have to dress well or even adorn ourselves with brands but corporate world only applies to the office hour-after that you have to be bare naked to be your own self.

Maybe my friend is little bit shallow or he's just too desperate for corporate ladder, but for me, why extend the network of friendship to people who have different or lower background from you.

You see, I have long list of friends from filthy rich to hardcore poor. Filthy rich people- their topic will always revolve on how they spend their money.

On the other hand, the stories from lower end of society is rather inspiring. Look, they weren't born rich, so they have to work extra hard to survive. I do admit I learn a lot from them and they are the ones who embed 'humility' in my DNA.

Please don't judge people who are not up to your level. Rich people are only rich in monetary values but the people from  lower segment of society is far more richer in values of life.

But when it comes to gay people, they are a bunch of fags who are really realistic. So yeah, be wise when you forge a friendship with gay people. You would never know what people up their sleeves.

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